Beaches business 10 year

10+1 Years and Counting – Everyday, there is someone somewhere celebrating a milestone. This year marks Beaches Living Guide‘s 10th year in publication.

Working hand in hand with our local business owners, we salute their commitment and continued success in serving our community.

We want to make a special commemoration to every business that has operated for a decade or more by the same owner.

Our special 10th year edition of Beaches Living Guide, Spring/Summer 2013 will highlight these businesses and some stories of times past…

Register today, Deadline for submission is Sunday April, 21, 2013. We reserve the right to verify the information received and publish businesses residing in selected areas within postal code M4E & M4L in the Beaches community.





View businesses who had celebrate 10+ years…


  1. Helped over 600 local businesses
  2. Supported over 40 community groups and associations
  3. Reached over 1.1 million readers through our combined Beaches Living Guide and Beaches|Life magazine.
  4. Over 40,000 online visitors monthly (
  5. Over 150 local history and landmark articles
  6. Engaged over 100 people with their expertise, knowledge and professional skills who believed in us

And it all started from one simple question, “How can we be better connected and informed?”



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