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A Total Approach to Health

More than your average pharmacy. Hooper’s is so much more than your average pharmacy. By offering both conventional and naturopathic remedies, with personalized care and preventative solutions, Hooper’s has become a Beaches destination for total health and wellness, well suited to the educated, community-minded Beaches neighbourhood. These days, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Stress, for … <entire article…>

My Secret Beaches Spot

Every year at this annual event I cannot stop taking this particular photo. This is definitely a different view of the lake. Also, many of you probably recognize this person in My Secret Beaches Spot. Greg C. If you can tell us where the Secret Beaches Spot photo was taken, you could win a $25 gift certificate to Casa Di … <entire article…>

Be Prepared – Avoid Winter Disasters

Wondering about that winter storm with ice, snow and high winds? During the fall, take steps to prepare your home so it’s protected against winter “disasters” such as fallen tree limbs, broken power lines, leaking pipes, damaged roofs and flooded basements. Remove dead and unhealthy branches that won’t be able to resist ice or snow buildup. Prune inward toward the … <entire article…>

Beaches BathCity – Making it easy for you to get what you want!

Everyone has at least one bathroom in their home, and whatever your needs, BathCity in the Beaches is now making it a whole lot easier to get exactly the look you want! The 2500 sq. ft. BathCity showroom on Kingston Road, is the ‘face’ of the product and design business owned by husband and wife team Mehdi and Siobhan Shojaat. … <entire article…>

Teal is Tops for Fall 2011

Teal, a “strong, blue-toned green evokes ocean depths and the sky at dusk”, is definitely the top tone this fall according to the Pantone Fashion Colour Report. Fortunately, teal goes with most skin tones and can be worn by redheads, brunettes and blondes alike. But unlike neutrals like black and grey, teal works with select colours, and usually a little … <entire article…>

You Ask… You Answer.

Winner of… Congratulations to Isilda Attridge, the winner of our question from the August/September issue. The park’s name was Scarboro Beach Amusement Park. It was in operation from 1907 to 1925. It closed because of an increase in land value and higher taxes at the time. It was therefore sold to the city in 1925. This issue’s question: Since moving … <entire article…>

My Tech – Data Back-up

Looking for the absolute best, foolproof way to protect your data and ensure you never lose your documents in a computer crash? Back-up in more than one place. It sounds too simple to be true. But even “cloud” backing up isn’t guaranteed. Pick two of the following to make sure you’re not caught in a crisis. Free online back-up services, … <entire article…>

QR Codes

Print & online marketing working together QR (Quick Response) codes are showing up on print materials from business cards and name tags to magazine ads and outdoor signs. QR codes connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content. When your customers scan a QR code with their smartphone, they can immediately reach your website or activate phone functions … <entire article…>

Time to Make Your Holiday Fruitcake

Fruitcake (known by many as “Christmas cake”) has a long history that some trace back to the Egyptians. Fruitcake comes in countless varieties but the main idea is that it keeps over time, and in fact, improves with age. Fruitcakes contain ingredients that keep, e.g. mostly dried fruit and nuts, and once baked, fruitcake is “spiked” or wrapped in a … <entire article…>