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We Salute all of you

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to be Canadian. Our freedom was not easily obtained nor is it easy to keep. Beaches|life honours all the men and women who fought and continue to fight to keep our country the best place to live. Some of these films are pure Hollywood, others are disturbing, but all show the high cost … <entire article…>

Fall Foliage in your garden?

The many shades of fall foliage It’s not just the trees that change into beautiful fall colours. Along our pathways, in our parks, backyards and balcony planters, green leaves turn to brilliant colours with berries in rich arrays of red, purple, burgundy and orange. Deep Purples ➊ The rambling Virginia Creeper vine turns its green leaves to deep purple/red, with … <entire article…>

Health Talk – Soup That Heals!

Grandma was right! Soup not only warms us up and fortifies our bodies it is actually proven to help us get better when we’re sick. Soup stock is “liquid nutrition”, packed full of vitamins and nutrients in an easy-to-digest format, especially for those who are ill or lacking an appetite. It provides necessary fluid and warms our bodies. Maybe you … <entire article…>

Kids “most awesome” summer story contest winner!

Thank you for your stories of what you did this past summer! It truly sounded like everyone had an awesome time. Here is the winning submission sent to us by Emma B. For her winning story, Emma will receive a $25 gift card to Staples Business Depot. We hope you enjoy her story as much as we did. Dear editor, … <entire article…>

Harvest in the 21st Century

Harvest means the gathering of crops – fruit, grain, even fish, usually in late summer or early autumn. But in today’s global market, the idea that we only enjoy such delights at “harvest time” is almost unthinkable. What does a “harvest” really mean in 2011. Harvest time still reminds us of the importance of gathering together. For centuries, friends and … <entire article…>

Jimmy Canning, Canadian Veteran, Local Hero

A special feature honouring Remembrance Day with a story from a local World War II Veteran. At 89, Jimmy’s eyes sparkle when he talks. The Canadian veteran remembers every date and detail, like the day he signed up the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps when he was just 20, his trip overseas in 1942 with military service personnel on the … <entire article…>

Halloween: Night of the Roaming Dead

“All Hallows Eve” began as an ancient Celtic festival in Great Britain and Ireland when dead souls roamed the earth before All Hallows Day. Gifts and treats were left out to pacify those dead who weren’t so friendly! When Christianity came to the British Isles, All Hallows Day was changed to All Saints Day (“Hallows” means saints), celebrating church martyrs … <entire article…>