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Thank you to everyone who took part in Let’s BEACH! 2018

On June 23rd, Beaches residents, local businesses and community groups got together at the boathouse, along the boardwalk, to celebrate the arrival of summer. To find out more about the participating businesses and to view event photos and videos visit PARTICIPATING BUSINESSES: 30 Minute Hit Beaches Balmy Beach Canoe Club Beaches Reading Clinic Simply Math Tutoring … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On The Move

Welcome new neighbours: Billy’s Diner – 99 Pape Ave. Boardwalk Grill – 1681 Lake Shore Blvd. E. Chocollata – 986A Kingston Rd. Hello Gorgeous – 1594 ½ Queen St. E. IDA Pharmacy – 1868 Queen St. E. Jasper Dandy – 725 Queen St. E. M’Eat Resto Butcher – 806 Queen St. E. Magenta Health – 1868 Queen St. E. MexiCados … <entire article…>

From Corporate Life to Family Business

After 25 years as a successful marketing executive for large, big brand accounts, Carolyn Scharf made a very gutsy move—the single mom left the security of her job and set up her own business. “I just couldn’t get excited about the work anymore,” she says, “I had to try something different.” Carolyn chose the spa industry because of the growing … <entire article…>

The Art of the Focus Group

Have you ever lined the shelves of your store with a new product or offered a terrific new service, and then waited until someone bought what you were selling? Maybe they looked at the items, even asked about them, but then put them back on the shelf. When you are selling a product or service, it can be very difficult … <entire article…>

MasterChef Canada’s Demon Chef Alvin Leung

We all know him as the blue-haired chef who yells a lot and calls himself the “demon chef”. But the term “demon” may not be what you might think. “Demons are playful,” Alvin explains, “They are mischievous, they like to create and surprise people, you know, have some fun!” It’s the element of fun and play that has characterized Alvin’s … <entire article…>

What does Father Really Want for Father’s Day?

What does dad really want this Father’s Day? Kids of all ages usually have a special bond with their father. But figuring out what he wants can be difficult. Well, it depends on the dad! Is he a music buff? Consider getting him a pair of hip new headphones. Is he an avid runner or cyclist? He may enjoy a … <entire article…>

Swim Suits for Every Body Shape

Shopping for a swimsuit can be frustrating, especially if you keep trying on suits that don’t fit properly. After a while, you wonder if you have a body shape that simply can’t wear a swimsuit. Take heart. It’s no secret how hard it can be finding the right style that perfectly flatters your body. But there’s a style out there … <entire article…>

Be Kind To Our Pollinators

This past harsh winter was difficult for Ontario’s bee population. We need the bees to pollinate our plants, along with butterflies, many insects (like dragonflies) and specific bird species. Pollinators result in the production of seeds, essential for plants – trees, flowers, and vegetables. If you have a balcony, a patio, or backyard, even a single window box, you can … <entire article…>

Poké Bowls

They’ve been called the “next generation of sushi”.  Poké bowls are the latest food trend sweeping North America. Pronounced poh-keh, a poké bowl is typically chunks of raw, marinated fish – usually tuna – tossed over warm rice and topped with vegetables and Asian sauces. The word “poke” means to slice or cut. The idea is that a poké bowl … <entire article…>