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Gift Giving Apps for the Holiday Season and All Year Round

It is the time of year for gift giving, but how do you keep track of what you’ve bought or who you’ve bought it for. How do you make sure you’ve stayed within a budget? Or perhaps you don’t set a budget, but want to spend similar amounts on each family member? And what if you had that great idea … <entire article…>

Winter Pet Care

When temperatures drop and snow drifts pile high, our pets need help keeping them safe. Even dog breeds that are developed to live in colder climates need attention. There are winter hazards in a city that could harm them. Here are some tips, depending on the type of pet you own. Don’t leave any pet outdoors for long periods of … <entire article…>

Look Out Holidays… Here Come the B-Movies!

Not every film can be a blockbuster or award-winning. Combining low budgets, quick-written scripts and second-tier actors, B-Movies are movie industry’s fast food – satisfying while watching. During the holiday season why not keep your pajamas on, start a fire and have some fun. After all, isn’t that what the holidays are all about anyway?           … <entire article…>

Coming, Going and On the Go.

Welcome new neighbours: Beacon of Light Private Elementary School – 2191 Gerrard St. E. Blue Bell Academy – 2191 Gerrard St. E. Bodega Henriette – 1801 Gerrard St. E. BOMB Fitness – 862 Kingston Rd. BSide Beauty – 1148 Queen St. E. Children’s French Book Corner – 145B Main St. Community Physiotherapy Clinic – 1308 Queen St. E. Farm to … <entire article…>

They’re your neighbours, friends and families who save lives – Story of Local Firefighters

“I’m a local boy working at the local fire station for the local community,” says Doug Browne, fire captain at Station 227 in the Beaches. Located at Queen Street just east of Woodbine, Doug has been captain there for the past 8 years; he’s been a fire fighter since he was 26 years old. And he’s not the only “local … <entire article…>

The Real Fountain of Youth – Learning & Staying Curious Through Technology

Most of us especially adults remember fondly about their days going back to school. But these days, whether or not we are in school, we all are learning, all the time. In the past two decades especially, a lot of it has to do with technology. From computer for personal use to apps, tech devices and digital information are so … <entire article…>

Gathering in the Season’s Bounty

Harvest has traditionally always been a time where we gather in what has grown over the season, and in many instances, preserve it for the months ahead. Although these days we can buy vegetables and fruits 12 months of a year, there’s nothing better than produce fresh and in season. Canning and preserving is an important part of preserving the … <entire article…>

Indoor Gardens for Everyone

For many of us, saying goodbye to the summer may seem like a farewell to outdoor gardens and plants. But growing plants indoors isn’t as difficult as it may sound. If you select the right varieties, you don’t even have to worry about having a perfect sunny spot. And for those in apartments and condos, fall is a perfect time … <entire article…>

Family, Work & Play… Keep It All In Balance

Fall is such an exciting time of the year. So many activities start up again, or start anew: new schools, new teams, new clubs and activities. It’s also the time of year when we get together with friends we may not have seen over the summer, fall barbecues and corn roasts, soccer playoffs, and hockey practices! During this special, and … <entire article…>