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Summer: Time to go where your customers hang out!

Summer can be slow for many businesses, especially if you depend on customers to come inside when the sun is shining. Most would rather be at the beach! Summer also can be a challenge to sell products or services that no one thinks they need when the weather is warm or when they are thinking about vacations.  Don’t let summer … <entire article…>

The Family that Grills Together Stays Together

Classic Fireplace and BBQ Store is part of a family business like no other! The Malcolms (6 siblings in total, which include Josh, owner of the Queen Street store) independently own and operate 10 “hearth and BBQ” stores in the greater Toronto area. It all began with their father, David, almost 40 years ago, who went in search of a … <entire article…>

Sailing Forward to Her Dream of the Olympic Podium

This July, Canadian Athlete, sailor and member of the National Sailing Team, Sarah Douglas, will take the final step toward her dream – be the athlete in Laser Radial who represents Canada in her bid for a spot at next year’s 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Sarah is the epitome of what is meant when you hear “Set your … <entire article…>

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Planting a Garden for Success: Try Native Plants

With our hot summers and unpredictable rain fall, gardening can be a challenge. Make growing a garden easy for yourself by selecting plants that you know are going to do well.  Plants that are considered native or indigenous to Southern Ontario have evolved here and adapted over time to the regional climate, soils and wildlife. They will grow best in … <entire article…>

Once a Season Clean

Spring is often associated with “spring cleaning”, but here’s the good news, whether you’re a daily scrubber or you prefer to go for a hike instead of getting out the vacuum, there are some chores that only have to be done once or twice a year. There’s even more good news – these are the chores that often make a … <entire article…>

Cauliflower: Today’s Most Fashionable Vegetable

Cauliflower, once a lowly, plain vegetable sometimes boiled or used as a crudité with dip is now the “darling” of food lovers. It is especially suited to vegan cooking because of the versatile way in which it can be transformed into a wide variety of delicious non-meat choices.  Originally grown in the Isle of Cyprus, cauliflower has been cultivated in … <entire article…>

Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Heart & Mind

We often hear about the value of decluttering and organizing homes, closets and offices to create a harmonious and peaceful life. After the task is done, most report feeling “lighter”, “refreshed” and more energized. But many forget to invest that same amount of time and energy into decluttering our minds, and our hearts. We all hold onto emotions, feelings, and … <entire article…>

Talking about “Un-Mentionables”

Think about it: underwear (men and women) is the most fundamental piece of clothing you own: It’s the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off. It’s worn close to the skin, so you need comfort. It serves a protective and supportive role, so it needs to be made well and functional. But … <entire article…>

Taking Care of Our Inter-Connected Body

We usually think of our bodies in terms of individual parts, for example, we exercise to tone our abs, or we eat green vegetables because they are good for our heart. It’s the same way if we get sick or hurt. If we have a rash, we see a skin doctor, but if we break a leg, we see a … <entire article…>