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What’s Your Story? Customers Want to Know!

In many cases, your business is about selling your story. Either personal or professional. How you started. Why you started. It connects you with your customers by letting them get to know you and your products. The “story” of your business can be the most compelling reason why customers notice you and take interest in what you are selling. Don’t … <entire article…>

A New Authority in Town to Keep Your Home Clean

The owners of The Cleaning Authority (Toronto East) are proud of what they’ve built since April 2013. After being in business just over 2 years, the company of two former bankers is now cleaning the homes of over 250 full time customers on a regular basis. “My skills in banking management, sales and customer service turned out to be very … <entire article…>

Tanning’s Long History is a “Classic” Tale

Owner of Classic Tan, Steve Williams, is celebrating 31 years in the tanning business, selling equipment, running salons, and being one of the country’s experts in indoor tanning. Classic Tan has been around since the 1980s. He’s been involved in many aspects of the industry as a speaker and consultant to promote responsible tanning and keep the industry respected, and … <entire article…>

Coming, Going, and On the Move.

Welcome new neighbours: B.K. Natural Foods – 272 Coxwell Ave. Big Taste Big Time-Food that Rocks! – 2326 Queen St. E. Brew North – 1578 Queen St. E. The Bulging Burger – 2459 Queen St. E. Crate Resto Bar – 1402 Queen St. E. Descendant Pizza – 1168 Queen St. E. Habiba – 1225 Queen St. E. L’Arterie Art Gallery … <entire article…>

Wave it. Map it. Celebrate Together!
 Happy 148th Canada!

Beaches|life encourages you and fellow Beachers to show your pride by waving the Canadian flag and adding to our Canada map. How to put your flag on the map – IT’S EASY! 
Go to and click on Map it! The Beaches community will show the rest of Toronto, Canada, and the world that we love you, Canada!

Celebrating the Mighty Dog… Hot Dog, That Is

Is there any food that says summer better than the hot dog? Like ‘em or not, the hot dog is here to say. Some trace its origins to the Romans, where Nero was served a sausage on a bun. The German city, Frankfurter claims some credit (of course) and the Viennese invented the wienerwurst (wiener). But the man responsible for … <entire article…>

Canada’s First Lady of Fashion – Jeanne Becker shares her style fashion tips

Canada’s First Lady of Fashion, Jeanne Beker, has been a household name through her 27 years as host of Fashion Television. Reporting on style and fashion across the globe set Jeanne’s footprint, not only in all mainstream Canadian media, but also internationally from Paris to Milan, Toronto to New York. Parents, Holocaust survivors from Poland, Jeanne was born and grew … <entire article…>

Open Up Your Living Space Outdoors

Feeling a bit cooped up after a long, cold winter? Once spring comes, we can all start thinking about expanding our space beyond just the walls of our living space. If you are living in a condo or apartment, you can enlarge your living room by pushing out to a balcony. In a house, you can plan which part of … <entire article…>

Perspective is Everything

Ever wondered why some people need so many expensive cars and yet others can live in a basic log cabin and be perfectly happy? People live in houses that are more like castles, where others get an equally good sleep in a nice small condo. For some, their lives are all about skydiving, mountain climbing or walking a tightrope across … <entire article…>