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Jewelry For Your Home – Add Some Bling To Your Decor

Norton at Living Lighting in the Beach

Norton Abramsonat, store owner at Living Lighting in the Beach

“Lighting in your home or business is like real estate,” explains Norton Abramson of Living Lighting at Queen and Woodbine, “It’s all about location, location, location.” It’s all part of the advantage of a small store with  in-house expertise and a keen eye for lighting suitable for the Beaches market.

Norton and his staff don’t just “sell” lights, they advise on the kind of lights so that you get the location, the style and the function correct. “We provide, everything you need to make the right decorating decision”, he adds, “You’re not buying a couch, lighting is the jewelry of your home.”

The store offers a wide selection that just gone much larger thanks to a new company website that literally lets you pick from all the major manufacturers. By browsing at home, customers literally save hours (and gas!) from driving around going from shop to shop. And if they want to see an excellent selection of hand-picked items, all they have to do is pop into their local store.

One customer spent an entire day searching for lights after he’d already picked out his first choice the Living Lighting Store. After hours of checking out all the other options, he finally returned to make his purchase.

He since declared that from now on, he’ll stick with the local store for all his lighting needs. Many interior designers and architects also visit the store in person, or browse online. “We help them,” explains Norton, “Because in most instances, they know what they want, but we’re the ones that know where to find the product they’re looking for.”

In looking at lighting trends, Norton has a few observations:

  • Crystal is big, in any form, for lamps, fixtures, wall sconces, etc., but with a modern look.
  • Brass is almost “extinct” with silver and chrome no popular.
  • Drum shades have made one of the biggest impact in light décor in recent years. Used for both lamps and hanging fixtures, the soft look of drums is everywhere.
  • Energy efficient lighting remains a confusing, ever evolving market for consumers. Everyone is interested in conserving energy even though it’s difficult to evaluate how much money you save and the quality of the light. Depending on the fixture you chose, some can be customized to take your choice of light bulb, e.g. LED, compact fluorescent, etc.

What seems to be the biggest trend in lighting is the acknowledgement that lighting makes a big difference and you want to get it right. Whether you’re a home owner or interior decorator, finding the right fixture and installing it in the right place is key to creating the right environment for living and working.

Living Lighting, 1841 Queen St. E.