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A Funky and Friendly Spot to Treat Ten Fingers & Ten Toes!

Come on in, have fun, laugh with your friends, freshen your skin with a facial – The Ten Spot is a funky, friendly and energetic place for aesthetics, whether you need a manicure, pedicure, facial, or waxing. Located in an historic 19th century building, visitors step into a spacious, shiny shop equipped with lots of room for individuals as well as small and larger groups (men and women!)

“Our clients are from the neighbourhood,” says manager Lisa Kozoriz, excited that The Ten Spot is approaching its first anniversary this December, “Young professionals, moms, friends want-ing a girls’ night out, sisters, bridal parties, often a mom, daughter and grandmother!”

Men also feel welcome in the gender-neutral environment, and enjoy all the services offered, particularly facials and pedicures. Part of the appeal is the quality of their products. Besides O.P.I. nail colours, The Ten Spot offers a full range of vegan polish by Sparitual; as well as the internationally known plant-based skincare line, Dermalogica and locally sourced Love Fresh, which is 97% organic.

“In addition to our incredible products,” says Lisa, “our cleanliness standards are very high. This really sets up apart. Our promise is, ‘if we can’t disinfect it, we throw it out!’”
Lisa is focusing these days on facials, “Facial care,” she tells us, “Is so much more than a yearly treat because it’s very important to take care of your skin. And a regular facial at The Ten Spot makes your products at home work better – you really see the difference.”
Lisa, Amanda, and technician Meg all live in the neighbourhood. “I love the Leslieville community,” says Lisa, “It’s very much a neighbourhood. Local businesses support each other, and there are so many creative people living here who enjoy our services.”

The Ten Spot offers monthly specials, “party packs” at a discounted rate for groups, and various options for services so visitors can try out a treatment. Customers, for example, may choose a mini manicure or an express facial as well as the full treatment. Flexible hours of operation allow for groups to come after work and on weekends.

The Ten Spot
1402 Queent St. E., Studio 01