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At Sweetings – Real Women Have Curves

If the mark of a successful business is location, location, location, you may as well add name to the list.  Sweetings is a thirteen-century word for “sweetheart” and within a year of its opening, it has become the apple of the eye of some Beaches residents. For the uninitiated, Sweetings is a fine clothing and accessory boutique that caters to women with real bodies.

The Queen Street boutique offers quality Italian designer clothing that is tailored more to real women’s bodies. The store is also introducing French inspired designer wear. When shopping at Sweetings, you will find the same quality of clothing associated with high-end boutiques located in Yorkville but at lower prices.

Following a Passion
For many, life is rife with unex-pected turns. Marina Bogdanova, the owner of Sweetings is no exception to this rule. Marina, is a geographer by trade, in her native Lithuiania. However, after one year of practise, she realized that geography was not her true calling. Her passion for fashion while raising her young children made it a natural fit to open up her own children’s clothing store.

Years later, she and her young family immigrated to Canada to start a new life. For about ten years she paid her dues by working as a buyer and merchandiser. During this time she mastered the elements of style by working with the best fabrics, notions, and learned a variety of cuts that worked on various body types.

She jumped at the chance to open a store on Queen Street because she loves this charming neighbourhood. Given that super-models such as Giselle Bundchen and Naomi Campbell are not the norm, Marina knew she had something of value for the average female body.
Her goal is to make the average woman feel beautiful. She wants to offer affordable, classy and elegant investment pieces to women with real bodies. Marina’s top tip is that you shouldn’t shop for one piece of clothing but outfit yourself. She advises her clients on how to build their own wardrobes.  To ensure proper fitting, clothing purchased  at Sweetings includes tailoring if needed.

Once a customer enters her store, she never pushes them to buy merchandise. Instead, Marina wants people to look stylish and let their personality shine through.

Sweetings, 1920 Queen St. E.