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Beautiful Skin for Life Now Available in the the Beaches

Maryjo Koschel celebrated a year on Queen Street this past July. Her business at Paramedical Skin Care has grown because of its success helping patients achieve attractive, healthy skin.

As owner and clinic director, Mary Jo emphasizes that the clinic offers medical aesthetic services formerly not available in the Beaches. These include permanent hair removal, various rejuvenation and skin treatments for damaged and troubled skin, as well as permanent makeup and teeth whitening. Treatments are used to enhance beauty as well as address serious skin issues such as scarring and pigmentation. For those who request it, a doctor can be present during any treatment

Clients come through referrals from doctors or on their own. The initial assessment is complimentary. Most popular these days are permanent laser hair removal, followed by rejuvenation treatments like microdermabrasion, and “injectables” such as Botox.
Clients leave happy with their treatments and often comment on the “gentle” approach of the staff.

“My reward is seeing the customers after treatment,” explains Maryjo, “I’ve never seen it not work.”

Maryjo and her staff are all trained in medical aesthetics. Before opening her clinic, she worked directly with doctors and surgeons.

Maryjo says she doesn’t promote anything that she hasn’t seen produce a positive result, or tried herself. Additional products sold at the clinic are the Susan Posnick mineral based cosmetics and Vitamin A formulated Environs skin care products.

Maryjo is also thrilled with the business she’s received since advertising with Beaches Living. “The best advertising we do,” she says, “is Beaches Living Guide, Beaches|Life and our sandwich board at the door!”