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CompletePets – the Pet Store on Four Wheels

People love their dogs and never has this been more evident than in recent times – we can pamper them in doggy spas, buy them gourmet treats and even dress them in designer doggie fashions! In this vast world of pet services, local Beaches resident David Schmidt is filling one of the last remaining gaps in the market – a pet food home delivery business. CompletePets is, as David describes it, like a pet store on wheels. Not only does his company carry over 40 different brands of pet food, for dogs, cats and other small animals, but he also supplies a wide array of pet accessories and supplies.

A lifelong pet lover, David recently ventured into the business after deciding to take a break from his successful career as an executive chef. Having worked abroad for 30 years, cooking at some of the finest restaurants and resorts around the world, he realised that his children, now in their teenage years, needed some stability and began research into starting up his own company as part of the CompletePets franchise.

It is obvious when talking to David about CompletePets that this is so much more than a business to him. Of course he points out all the benefits of receiving pet food by home delivery, not least the fact that delivery is free. It also ensures that, with delivery set up on a regular cycle, your pet will never go hungry or have to switch to a different brand abruptly, which can be very hard on their digestive systems. It is also ideal for people who don’t drive, seniors unable to carry home  heavy packs of pet food or for those who simply want one less chore to do in their busy lives. With such a wide range of brands available, any prospective customer can be sure of finding their brand of choice and, if need be, David will help them choose a comparable product, even giving advice and information on the nutritional content of the food.

For now the majority of David’s clients live in the doggie-dense Beaches area, although he expects to expand in due course. As a dog owner, David knows the ‘social’ aspect of owning and exercising your animal, and has used this to his advantage in spreading the word of his business. “I talk to people constantly” he explains, “when I’m out with my own two dogs, at the dog park, the beach, or at dog shows – people are always happy to find new products or services for their pets who are, in most cases, important members of the family”.
David Schmidt, 647-920-2171