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Definitely Keen for KEEN – Join the recess revolution at new Beaches location


This photo was sent in to KEEN by a customer. It is of their boots on the Bruce Trail.

Anyone who loves outdoor activities and comfortable feet are happy that the Oregon-based shoe retailer, KEEN Shoes, has opened its first store in Canada, right in the Beaches. The neighbourhood is a good fit for the company that emphasizes splitting your time between work, play and giving back to the environment and community.

According to KEEN, “Our shoes are designed for play anywhere without a ceiling. They are shoes that offer comfort for running around outside, not for looking pretty in a closet” A visit to the store will confirm this philosophy. There is even a mini trail created in the back so you can test them out.

The playful feel of KEEN is also demonstrated with the launch of the “Recess Revolution”. This campaign emphasizes the joy of play – “to bring back recess for adults’ enhanced performance and overall well-being!”

“You’ll notice various local events this summer promoting the Recess Revolution”, including recess games, cotton candy/popcorn and face painting stations. Keeping with KEEN’s community commitment, everyone in the neighbourhood is invited to be involved.

One particular event takes you to one of Ontario’s most spectacular landmarks, the Bruce Trail. Customers and fans are invited for a day of hiking. Everyone meets at the store and KEEN provides transportation, snacks, a gift bag and a guided hike with Bruce Trail volunteers.

Another recess activity on the Bruce Trail will be announced in August. People will be invited to participate by submitting photos they’ve taken while hiking. KEEN will donate $10 for every photo submitted to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

And don’t think you can’t afford to buy the shoes and participate. To enable others to have recess – we have converted a wine barrel into a recycling bin for old shoes, sandals and boots. They will be donated to people in need locally.

Those who visit the store will enjoy the assortment of shoes suitable for men, women and kids playing and hiking. As well, check out all the reused materials used, such as barn door as shelving, shoe crates; displays made of old license plates.

The next time you are out on the beach, watch for the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. KEEN is a new sponsor and you could win a prize.

KEEN Outdoor Canada •
952 Kingston Road • 416-699-5336