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Freedom and Flight. Come Dance with us at Pegasus – at any Age!

pegasusstory“We’re all about how children learn through the arts,” explains owner and co-founder of Pegasus Studios, Jane Davis-Munro. “Movement through music can start right away. It’s a fascinating area of study and something I’ve always been passionate about.”

The Pegasus Dance and Art Centre (today known as Pegasus Studios) was founded in 1986 by Jane and her mother, artist Lynda Johnson. “We picked the name Pegasus years ago because the mythical figure of the winged horse implies freedom and flight. It’s a good description of what we do,” says Jane.

Today Pegasus is one of the largest and most highly respected dance studio in the city. Many of the school’s alumnae have gone on to careers as dancers, choreographers, photographers and teachers. Soon the studio is going to be the first in Ontario to teach the popular UK ballet program, Angelina Ballerina, based on a book of the same name.

“Our school is not competitive,” Jane notes, “We’re more about the process, not the end product. This means developing the whole child, helping them explore their creative side, giving them confidence being comfortable in their own skin.”

Among the wide variety of dance instruction are “boys only” classes. This helps boys not feel like they are the only males in the class.

The facility includes three professional dance studios, two Pilates studios, a yoga studio, change rooms and a small dancewear boutique. Pegasus teaches ballet, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical and hip hop, as well as theatre, drawing, painting, mixed media and children’s yoga. Adults can also attend classes in tap, modern, jazz, Zumba®, yoga and Pilates.

Pegasus has a performance group that demonstrates dance around the city at public schools and fundraisers. This year’s annual charity event raised money for the pediatric wing at East York General Hospital.

Jane started as a dancer but soon was drawn to dance education. She attended the Royal Academy of Dance where she became a registered educator, tutor, mentor and practical teaching supervisor. Her passion to teach also led her to obtain accreditation in early childhood education.

Her expertise in teaching dance, specifically with preschool aged children, has spread throughout Canada, USA and the UK.

Jane’s team includes 12 professional and experienced artists, many of whom continue to perform.

Pegasus Studios •
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