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More than just doors & windows – First class products, services & installation

Jaimco Doors and Windows gives its customers much  more than the name suggests.

“We provide the complete package, product, installation and service,” says James Griffin, store manager and one of the sons of the founder, “We can provide any kind of door, but a car door!”

Jaimco Doors and Windows has sold and installed quality doors, windows, hardware and door security services in Ontario since 1992. Established by James Griffin, Sr. the company built its reputation providing first class emergency and full replacement services for the Ontario Insurance industry. For the past 12 years, Jaimco has increased its sales in the retail/home market, selling and installing products out of its showroom at 631 Kingston Road.

“It might be an entrance, a garage door, a bay window, a leaded glass window …. “, says James, “We are a business that goes out of our way to please our customers and find out what they need.”

Chris, one of the company’s three senior installers, emphasizes the importance of proper installation. Part of Jaimco’s reputation is built on the expertise of its installers who have a combined experience of over 25 years installing windows and doors. Jaimco’s expertise in the insurance industry makes them a sensible choice for customers looking for windows and doors that not only are excellent in quality but also have been professionally and properly installed.

Jaimco products include all types of steel and wood doors, vinyl and wood windows, sliding doors, hardware, locksmith services and door security products. It may be windows and doors for an entire building, a single window or door, or custom entrance designed for your home or office. Their reputation for exceptional customer service is known to clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe.

Jaimco is also the owner of Safe Door Systems Inc.®, a door security system designed and patented by James’ father. The Safe Door System adds strength to a door so it can withstand break-ins and reduces the risk that criminals can enter your home or office.
James and his brother Gerry work with approximately 18 employees at the Kingston Road showroom. Staff include design and installation specialists as well as two on site locksmiths. A workroom at the back of the shop provides space for building customized products.

“Come by our showroom and ask the people who work here for advice,” invites the friendly Jaimco staff, “We have field experience and a wide knowledge of products and how to install them properly. We can tell you what will look best and work for you.”