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Pathway to Success Continuous Education with Sylvan Learning Centre

Imagine that a brisk trip up a flight of stairs is the pathway to success. That is what one will find when they enroll in one of the many programs at the Sylvan Learning Centre. Sylvan is the leading provider of tutoring and supplemental education services in North America. The centre offers an array of programs for students from 4 years of age to adult. The centre was established in the Beaches dur-ing the mid 1990s and continues to provide quality instruction.

When Jennifer Hill, Director of the Sylvan Learning Centre, described how she has personally witnessed the transformation of hundreds of students, her eyes light up. The passionate educator holds a Masters degree in Education and is a certified English as a Second Language teacher. She radiates as she discusses the achievements of the students who have received assistance at the centre, “It is a privilege to be a positive influence on a child’s life.”

Parents send their kids to the centre so they can catch up or get ahead in school. Whatever the goal, Jennifer and her staff of board certified educators are on hand to make sure your child excels. The purpose of Sylvan is not to get your child straight A’s on their report card, although in many cases that is the result, however, it is to relieve the anxiety associated with schoolwork and to provide children with the skills needed to succeed in life.

The team at Sylvan will first conduct an assessment of your child to identify what their learning style is and will focus on study skills, reading, writing and math. Programs usually include the input of both the child’s parents and their teacher. The centre will follow the Toronto District School Board’s curriculum, if that is the requirement, and the centre is also able to provide support in the French language.

The tutoring structure is child driven and has a teacher to student ratio ranging from 1-to-3 to 1-to-1. Depending on individual needs, a program can be 1 day to 6 months. Following the “no child shall be left behind” motto, Sylvan also offers an after school Study Hall program – a supervised homework hall where kids can study in a quiet, supported environment for $25.

In addition, the centre offers online resource tools for math and reading that children can complete at home. These downloadable and interactive lessons are available free of charge to registered students.

Studies have shown that children tend to lose their learning retention over the summer vacation. It is for this reason that Sylvan offers a summer program to students so that they don’t lose the skills they acquired over the school year. It also preps them for the year ahead.

Pack your bags and prepare to take the flight up the stairway towards academic and personal success with Sylvan.

Sylvan Learning Centre, 2126½ Queen St. E.