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Unique Beach Apothecary Where “East” Meets “West”

Today’s health is all about prevention. Seven months since opening its doors, Beach Apothecary is celebrating the great response they have received from the Beaches community that’s glad they’re here!

Beach Apothecary is an integrated, full service pharmacy that provides both Eastern and Western medicine, including new practitioner models. Owner Michael Bushey and pharmacy technician Shawn Pepin provide all the services of a full pharmacy, including filling prescriptions, and both are skilled practitioners for alternate healthcare options. They work with medical doctors, nutritionists as well as alternative health care practitioners. Unlike many large pharmacies, Michael and Shawn are always happy to speak with you one-on-one and offer individualized advice and if needed, a customized solution.

“We focus on health,” states Michael, “That’s what you get here!” They add that they’ll cater to your needs and your lifestyle, and work collaboratively with your doctor’s directives.

In their first 7 months in operation, both have found Beaches customers to be very knowledgeable and health conscious. They are happy to be part of the community and are looking forward to “giving back” wherever possible.

“Beachers come in with a good knowledge base and rather than beginning at step 1, many are already at step 5 when they walk in the door”, Michael explains. “They tend to be better informed and want to have a good understanding of their treatment options.”

“They like to take control of their health and their treatment plan rather than simply taking doctor’s orders at face value.”

The products and services available at Beach Apothecary are particularly welcome in today’s health conscious environment where health is all about prevention. There is compounding on site as well as paediatric dosage forms (that can also be compounded if required.) And if you have a pet, they can make veterinary compounds.

In the future, Beach Apothocary plans to expand its network of alternative practitioners, holistic practitioners, nutritionists, homeo-paths, etc. and add after hours services such as health focused clinics and information sessions.

Originally from the Beaches, Michael was born at what today is known as Toronto East General. Over the years, he’s worked for at Sick Kids, Wellesley Hospital, Shoppers and Pharma Plus. He recently moved back to the Beaches to a community he loves.

Shawn is a pharmacy technician, a new designation in Ontario. In addition to working with medication, pharmacy technicians also provide other health care products and services. Their skills are a great asset to busy physicians who, especially as Baby Boomers age, will need additional healthcare providers to keep us all healthy.

Beach Apothecary, 647-348-9450
1854 Queen St. E.,