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Woman’s Catering Business a Success Story

The Beaches is home to the owner of one of Toronto’s most successful catering businesses, “Feast Your Eyes”. Owner and senior event planner, Linda (Lin) Bennett, “loves the energy in the community” and recently began promoting her business in the neighbourhood. One recent event in the neighbourhood was an in-store celebration at a local store, Vernissage Jewellery.

“We are particularly known for our presentation,” she explains, “the way we display our tables and our food is truly a ‘feast for your eyes’ because you eat with your eyes first before you even taste the delicious food.”

Lin started her business 28 years ago and today she employs 15 full time chefs, event planners and specialty staff who bring her clients everything from a more straightforward meeting meal to an elaborate, themed event. Although cocktail receptions are a favourite, she has theme parties according to generations (1950s, 60s and 70s) as well as
Halloween, Valentine’s, family celebrations such as Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries and birthdays, weddings, award and recognition ceremonies, openings and galas.

One of the more popular themes this year has been Beach parties and BBQ events with a whole roasted pig. Fortunately, Feast Your Eyes will provide the whole pig “pre-roasted” for those who prefer an event without the 6 hours of on-site preparation!

Although most events are in the GTA, Feast Your Eyes has also traveled across Canada. So has Lin gotten tired of thinking up themes and planning events after so many years?
“I love it,” she says, “I love the planning, and it is really fun to come up with ideas for people.”

Contact Feast Your Eyes at  •  416-699-1212