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Beaches|life is often asked questions about the Beaches neighbourhood. Who better to answer them than you, our knowledgeable readers?

In each issue we will publish a selected question from our readers for you to answer. If you tell us the correct answer, you could win movie passes for two to the Fox Theatre. Send in your answer by November 10, 2009.

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youaskbuttonThis issue’s question…
is from Kelly T.  Each summer I take my kids to the outdoor at the bottom of Coxwell by the lake. They love it!  I always wondered why it is named the Donald D. Summerville Olympic Pool? Does it have anything to do with the Olympics?

youanswerbuttonAnswer to last issue’s question
Many of the streets in the Balmy Beach area at the eastern end have tree names: Balsam, Pine, Sycamore, Spruce Hill, Fir, Beech, Hazel and Silver Birch. Whether this is because of the woods that once covered the area, no one really knows for sure.

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