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Answers to last issue’s Question
A reader wanted help to identify this animal. Many people have responded to their question with what this animal is – backing up their answer with personal experience and knowledge. What’s interesting is each answer is quite different from the other. We decided to publish some of the more common answers in this issue.

The photo in your Beaches|Life magazine is of a martin. – Brian

I lived up north for 18 years and I know it’s an otter. It’s very rare to see them in Southern Ontario. – Anonymous

We live near the Mississauga/Oakville border. I was in the Beaches on the weekend and picked up a copy of Beaches|Life. I saw your picture on page 15 and I am almost certain that it is a native, wild mink. We live just a few blocks from the lake. Our neighbour says they can be vicious. I don’t want anyone to think that they are tame – they definitely aren’t pets. Here is a picture taken by the lake. – Nancy D.

It’s a ferret! If she sees it again, she should bring it in as they make great pets. They’re very affectionate. – Amber M.


This week’s Question
Beaches|life is often asked questions about the Beaches neighbourhood. Who better to answer them than you, our knowledgeable readers?

In each issue we will publish selected questions from our readers for you to answer. In the following issue, we will share the best answers.

This issue’s question is from
Marie P.

In the east end of the Beaches, south of Kingston Road to the lake, I have noticed that almost all the streets are named after trees. I am new to this neighbourhood and wondered, if sometime in the past, were all these types of trees growning in this area?

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