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The original Woodbine Racetrack, 1914.

Housing developement on former racetrack property.

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April’s question is Veronica Taylor.
“Regarding the question ‘When and why did the original Woodbine Racetrack cease to exist?’  The original Woodbine Racetrack, located between Lakeshore and Queen Street East did not actually cease to exist. A new racetrack was built in 1956 in Etobicoke, and the name was transferred there, along with the thoroughbred racing. The Beach racetrack location was known as “Old Woodbine Racetrack” for years, and the name was eventually changed to Greenwood Racetrack, after the local street. It retained the trotter and pacer races. It was demolished in 1994 and became the home of the new housing development. For many years I enjoyed passing the Greenwood track on the 501 streetcar on my way to work, and seeing the horses being exercised. I was sad to see it go.” – Veronica Taylor

youaskbuttonThis issue’s question:
I ride the 501 Queen Street streetcar to and from work every day.  It seems to have a very long route.  Would this be the longest streetcar route in Toronto? As well, how many years has the 501 been running along Queen Street?
– Nadia S.

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