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Your Home’s “To Do” List – Who are you going to call?

Do you have a “To Do” list for your home? Maybe you don’t know how, or don’t have the tools, to get these jobs done. Perhaps the person you’re hoping can help (like your spouse!) just isn’t getting around to doing them.

Look no further. Mr. Handyman is specifically designed to do your list of home (and office) repairs and maintenance. It could be a broken step, a light fixture you need installed, a door that sticks or a room that needs painting. You simply book Mr. Handyman’s experienced technicians for an hour (minimum) and give them your list.

Doug Rae, owner of the Mr. Handyman franchise for Central Toronto, got into the handyman business after years overseeing maintenance and repairs on computer hardware. Although he’s also a handyman himself, it was his former experience “solving problems” that led him to his recent career.

“I like helping people, “ he says, “And unlike computers, this is more personable. People just want things fixed. And when we show up and do what we say we are going to do, and do it right, everyone is happy.”

“We solve your problems while you’re there,” explains Doug. His team is particularly used to the challenges of older homes, condominium and small businesses. You can hire them for almost an unending list of services: fixing drywall, replacing glass, adding molding and trim, painting, tile work, moving furniture, fixing fences and gates, cleaning eaves, fixing a toilet, etc.

“The most frequent comment I hear from satisfied customers is, ‘wow, you showed up when you said you would — the job was completed, and done right.”

The typical Mr. Handyman customers are females 35-60 years old, seniors, and other adults who need work done for their aging parents. Though, “one gentleman called me in a panic because his wife was coming home at the end of the week and he’d promised to do some work around the house,” laughs Doug, “He booked us right away!”

“We specialize in the small stuff. Most jobs take about 2-3 hours,” Doug says.

Doug’s team are fully insured, licensed by the City of Toronto, bonded and covered by Workers Compensation. He notes that today’s home insurance policies usually don’t cover injuries by those working in your home, so it’s critical to protect yourself.

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