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3 Questions to Inspire Business Success

LegosNo matter what your business is, you can’t do it alone. If you can get others to share the excitement you have for your business you can inspire them to work with you toward the same goals.

Simon Sinek, a communications expert, offers insight into leadership through his lecture at TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” which identifies effective methods that can be applied to every business.
Why does your business exist? Do your products or services fill a need for your customers that is not served effectively by competitors? Is your business something that you love to do?

We all engage in activities to earn money. To be successful over the long term, a business must be more than that. It must provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that you can’t get doing anything else.

If your employees are inspired by your vision, they’ll take greater interest in everyday operations and try harder to excel. Of course, you must still ensure that they’re familiar with your products or services and how you would like them presented, so that they may deliver superior customer service.

How do you provide your product or service to the customer? Is it offered in a way to attract the most sales possible given your resource limitations? Do others that you rely on, including partners, staff, and suppliers, contribute to your success? Is there anything you can do to further distinguish your brand?

It’s desirable to have all those your business engages with, including your customers, understand what your business is trying to accomplish. You must have business goals that not only encourage and provide satisfaction for your own efforts, but inspire others through your words and actions.

What is your product or service? Whether it is a manufactured good or a personal service, does it claim a unique space in the marketplace through its presentation, delivery, or function? Are there any low cost actions you can take to improve it or lower costs?
Most businesses have competition. In order to attract repeat customers, demonstrate that your product or service is somehow superior to what is available elsewhere. This can involve any of the following: quality, price, convenience, marketing, and a sense that the customer shares your articulated ‘brand’ vision. Think about creative and low-cost ways to achieve this.