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Be part of the “Next Big Thing”

Grow_moneyBy now, you’ve thought about or already made plans for growing your business in 2016. Growth doesn’t have to mean a big step but it’s an indicator for moving forward. Sometimes a series of smaller, careful steps move your business forward in a way where you can track your progress, reflect on what is working and adjust as you go along.
Here are some ideas that help businesses look successful, stay successful, and by doing so, ensure that they grow.

Be innovative – Canadian business owners, large and small, are known world-wide for their ability to innovate. It’s all about thinking beyond what you’ve always done and asking yourself what you might add or do differently over the next 12 moths.

What’s new in your area of business? What new product or service might you introduce? Is there a technology that you could provide to make your customers’ lives easier? Maybe a new app or a new tool on your website.

Boast about the new! – Let your customers know what your business is doing that is new, no matter how large or small the change. Maybe you added an espresso coffee machine to your customer service waiting area, updated your website, hired new staff, added a new product line, did some renovations or redecorating.  By announcing the change you send the message that you are doing well, looking ahead, that you’re business isn’t just the same old routine.

Be on top of the trend and talk about them – Particularly in professional services, keeping your customers informed of the latest trends, treatments, research, etc. helps establish you as current, up-to-date, and ready for the next “big thing”.

For health professionals, what’s the latest on nutrition and exercise, for financial planners, what are today’s tax-saving tips. For restaurant owners, are there new food trends to try, or different products available for chefs?

You can publish what you find in a newsletter, a blog, pin up on a store bulletin board or post on Twitter or Instagram.