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Clear Communications is Vital

communicationClear communication applies to each and every one of us, everywhere, anytime and every day. It doesn’t matter if we are shopping, hanging out with friends, at work or simply spending time at home with family – clear communication is key. And it is crucial towards the success of your business, buying or selling, in-person and online.

Here are some tips to
ensure good communication:

  • Don’t rely on a verbal agreement. You may not need a complex contract, but at least write down a list of what you both expect are the “deliverables”, when you expect them and the price. Make sure you both read it, understand and agree to it. If you have questions, ask before you start, not later.
  • Don’t be afraid to “talk money”. Be clear what you expect to pay, and don’t be afraid to ask questions like, “what might make it cost more?” and “what are your payment terms?” The clearer you both are about the cost every step along the way, the better.
  • Stay in touch. If you’re working on a project or waiting to deliver a product, keep in touch with each other weekly, even daily when necessary. Let your customer know what’s happening, if there’s a problem, and what you’re doing to keep things on track so there are never any “surprises”.
  • Have contact information. Make sure you know how to contact each other at each stage of a project. If there’s a question or crisis, you don’t want to be searching for a phone number or email address.