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Customers love a celebration & they will celebrate along with you!

balloonsWhen is the last time you celebrated a milestone? Most businesses celebrate opening day or a special milestone. But why not add a few more celebrations to the list? You’ve got lots to celebrate – length of years, new products and services, achieving awards, etc. The positive attitude you build with celebrations helps build trust with customers and gives you a chance to thank those who’ve helped you on your way. It is also a time to look back and recognize the success you have made with your hard work.

There are many ways to acknowledge a milestone, large or small. Hold a special sale, host an event, put out a banner, fundraise for a cause, have a customer appreciation day, launch a special new product or service, hold an online contest, give out a special award, etc.

Many businesses in the Beaches are celebrating milestones every day, here are just a few:

  • KEEN Canada celebrated its one-year milestone in the Beaches with a “birthday party”. (page 7) • Salon Fortelli celebrated 10 years at its Queen Street location with a fundraising event.
  • In honour of 10 years in business, Threads Lifestyle is announcing this special milestone with a storefront banner.
  • Hooper’s Pharmacy has made it a tradition to host annual customer appreciation days, spa days and doggy days and more.

This year, Beaches Living is celebrating its 10th year in publication and community involvement. In honour of this celebration, to recognize how far we’ve come and to show our appreciation to those businesses and readers who’ve supported us through the years we are giving back:

  1. Honouring local businesses and their owners with ten years or more in the community – published the list in the Beaches Living Guide, Spring/Summer 2013 edition, also online. (
  2. Free online business directory listing – so you can find all your local business contacts in one place. (
  3. Free online local garage sale locator – an easy-to-use tool to help you find and post garage sales in your neighbourhood. ( So when is your next milestone and how are you going to celebrate?