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Earn your business “Likes”

likeButtonsHow to be social… media that is!

Being social is a part of us and our business, with customers, clients, co-workers, suppliers and peers. The term “social media” seems to have taken over our old-fashion way of social communications.

To help you understand better what social media really is and if it’s for you. Or, have you missed anything if you are not social media savvy? You can then make informative decisions for your business.

Social Media = Time Commitment

Yes, it might be free but if your time is money, then you know the cost. Hiring someone might be a better alternative but remember, the person will be your spokesperson. They must understand the vision and objectives of your business, not theirs.

Like a storefront, social media is the window into your business. So if you only create an account, but not able to keep it up to date, it might be better to leave it for now till you have more time to put in more effort. It is your brand, and like your office you don’t want to keep it closed if you have a sign saying you are in business.

What is sociable and what’s not..

Social media is about engaging with like-minded people with your business goals in mind. It is not about business deals and selling products and services.

The 80/20 rules works like magic in social media. Your over all social media content should be 80% of information sharing, and 20% about you and your business, such as updates, invitations, new products and so on.

Where to begin

If the above makes sense and you’d like explore this new form of media, start small and pick on or two types at the most – it is like learning to drive or any other new skill. Once you have a better understanding, adding new tools to build on your social media sites will be much easier. There are tools to help you manage multiple social media tasks in one action.

Which ones to start with?

Start off with what makes most sense to you. Here a few examples…

  • Facebook, is the virtual social lounge of your business that invites clients and customer to sit in and share. Updating once a week is not too much nor too little.
  • Twitter is your bulletin board for frequent updates, one topic at a time. Followers get updates from you, that interest them. One or two times a day is not too much nor too little.
  • Pinterest, if a photo is worth a hundred words to your business, you can share image-heavy social updates with less words. A few photos posted per event or activity is not too much nor too little.
  • Google Hangout is a video form of social communications. If your business fits best in real-life, face-to-face communications, investigate this handy tool to learn how to make the most of it.

There are many more forms of social media and new ones spouting all the time. The key is that you understand what social media is and what it means to you and your business.

Remember, all media forms lead to one place, your business –either a storefront and website, or simply just your business website.

Hope this help you get started with basic social media. Think like a consumer – “what’s in it for me (your business)?”

by Beaches Living your partner in growing your small business