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Google Apps and Your Business – a Virtual Match


More and more, businesses are trading in their servers and hard drives for a more “global” solution. Many computer/software companies are offering “virtual space” for your documents. This allows you to acces your files anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Google has become a serious contender in this virtual world with Google Apps.

1. Ditch Attachments – With Google Docs everyone is editing the exact same document, there is no need to send attachments back and forth.

2. Share Collections Instead of Files – Rather than individually sharing each file, share the entire collection. Each time you make a change to a doc within the collection, your editors and viewers will instantly see the change.

3. Works from Anywhere – Sync your calendar and mail with your smart phone or tablet so that you can work from anywhere. You can also view and edit your docs from smart phones.

4. Shrink Your Inbox – Gmail groups messages and their responses into conversation threads, keeping the responses to messages with the original message.

5. Replace mass email requests for information – Use Google Forms to efficiently collect information from employees and customers. Surveys can be written and distributed to unlimited people in minutes and the data is collected instantly and summarized in a Google Spreadsheet.