Past Issues:

Lighten Up!


Okay, so the economy has slowed down. We get it. We’ve been hearing about it now for months. From the reports in the news, you would expect to find no one in the stores anymore, no one shopping, no one traveling, no one having any fun.

But this isn’t what’s happening around our city or in our neighbourhood. Yes, things have slowed down, particularly in certain sectors, but a visit to the recent Home Show proved that there are a lot of people out there looking to purchase sometime in the future.
Yes, getting credit is difficult and it is a trying time for someone trying start a new business. But this is not the “Great Depression.” In fact, it’s nowhere close. In the first three years of the Depression, the American GNP (gross national product) fell 28%, whereas in the last quarter of 2008, the US GNP fell just 1.6%!

So let’s get a grip and restore some consumer confidence to our local businesses. Our shops and businesses suffer more from what the newspapers report than from what is actually happening with their customers.

It makes one ask: “does all this talk about businesses closing really do any of us any good?”

Recently the Beaches has been the media’s hot spot. There has been a lot of coverage of store closings blaming the economy, where in fact, there are other reasons leading to businesses to shut down. All this bad press is only fueling more negativity.

It’s time to focus on all the businesses that open their doors to us every day, finding ways to restore consumer confidence and continued success.