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Make Holiday Relationships Resonate Throughout the Year

BIZTALK_HolidayRelationsFor most businesses, the holiday season is the make it or break it time of year. Customer loyalty is the life blood of your business and its success. There are some businesses, that are not so holiday related or reliant, where it actually is a quieter time. However, in either case, instead of expecting more business from your customers and clients, show them your gratitude for having that business relationship with them. Let them know you do think of them and thank them for putting in their trust, money and preference in you.

How to do that? Correspondence to a customer can mean a lot, especially if there is a handwritten element.  Wish them happy holidays, thank them for their business, and invite them back to visit in the New Year.  A small gift, even something as simple as a fridge magnet, reminds your clientele of their positive experience and your location and contact information.  Plus, they’re handy for putting their children’s “A+” test papers up for display.

Giving your customers a one-time discount voucher can not only show your gratitude, but entice them to visit you again. A few dollars spent on customers can help spark exponential returns down the road, even encourage and remind people to refer friends.
Many have heard of the Pareto Principle. It states that 80% of a company’s sales comes from 20% of its clients. It’s documented that repeat patrons spend 67% more than new customers. It’s not time to worry about how to keep your loyal customers coming back, (they always do) but to think about how you can make them feel special – a little or a lot.

If it is a quiet season for your business, such as real estate, consulting, etc., you have a better opportunity to mingle with your customers without the pressure selling or making that quota. Host a wine and cheese tasting, casual lunch buffets, product and instructional seminars or contest draws to help strengthen familiarity and the perception of a personal relationship.

There is no substitute for an obvious, genuine and conscientious attempt to strengthen customer’s trust. The fact that you present a wholehearted effort to put them in the forefront makes a great difference.  This is true for every kind of business – every business can name their core customers.

As we have all heard – treat your customer the way that you would want to be treated.  Empathy equals brand loyalty.