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Protect your customer data and your personal data


If you have a business, you have stored your customer information somewhere: name, address, email, phone number, orders and even credit card. Securing and protecting your customer data has become even more important to the success of your business.

Memory sticks are tiny while the capacity is huge; the smartphone is getting smarter and online storage is easy and convenient. This makes it very easy for us to copy and carry more and more data with us on the road and in the Cloud. This also increases the risk of losing the important data.

Here are few steps that you can build in to your business practice that will help to protect your customer and your information:

  1. If you are carrying any sensitive data on a portable device, make sure you encrypt your data, or set up a password protection. This way, if you lose your device, the data is not so easily accessed by any stranger.
  2. Minimize copying your customer data and credit card information in email correspondence. Delete them once you finish processing or store it in a safe place.
  3. Set up detective mechanisms so you know immediately if your data has been compromised.
  4. Make sure you have preventative measures in place on your computer network or desktop, such as fire walls, antivirus protection, encryption, etc. Remember, we are wired.
  5. If there is a data leak, act on it immediately.

On the personal side, it’s just too easy these days to complete an online form that enters you into a contest, or even gains you access to some websites. Suddenly, your name, address, perhaps phone number or even your employment is entered in a database.