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QR Codes

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QR (Quick Response) codes are showing up on print materials from business cards and name tags to magazine ads and outdoor signs. QR codes connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content. When your customers scan a QR code with their smartphone, they can immediately reach your website or activate phone functions including email, IM and SMS.

Some business owners ask, should I stick to print advertising or just online? QR codes show the value in doing both. By providing immediate interaction with your customers, you give your customer a way to act immediately: get more information, give you more details about them, even place an order on the spot.

Unlike bar codes, QR codes contain massive amounts of information.

By scanning your QR code, your customer can:

  • Dial a phone number and place their order on the spot
  • Read about an event, which is automatically added to their calendar
  • Visit your website or a specific landing page while you’re top of mind
  • Make an appointment to see you
  • Read your blog; then respond
  • Opt-in to your mailing list
  • Read your menu then make a reservation right away
  • Order tickets in a moment of spontaneity
  • Tour a house that’s for sale, receive a recipe, sign up for a free sample.