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Reaping the Benefits of Your Business Harvest

BizTalkOct2016Have you ever thought of your business in terms of four seasons? The business of farming follows the calendar with specific activities designated for winter, spring, summer and fall. But if you think about it, even businesses that aren’t related to agriculture can be thought of in terms of seasons.

Finally, you come to the harvest. This is when you reap the benefits of your handiwork. Now your business is “THE” place to go for a certain product or service. Cash flow is good now, and hopefully you’ve got enough stored up for the next year. This also is the time to celebrate, look at your accomplish-vments and be proud. Learn what you can do differently next year and look forward to another season!

At the beginning of the year (in winter) many business owners plan for the year, just like a gardener plans what they are going to grow. It’s when you order seeds, think about what you want to accomplish, and make plans for how you are going to make your business grow.

Business development is like spring. This is when you plant those seeds by getting your business established, building relationships, doing advertising campaigns, even sending out your sales team. By listening to prospect customers, you will be surprised how much valuable information you receive. Now you know what they need from you.

The next phase is when your business grows. You have to keep at it, just like growing plants, and it takes a lot of work. You need cash flow, which is like the rain and sunshine required to maintain your business and to grow it.