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Show Your Customers You Care This Holiday Season

biztalklogoDo you remember the last time you received a personal hand-written card?

Didn’t it make you feel good?

It is always important to show your customers they matter, however, the holiday season is a time when you can go the extra mile with a personal thoughtful gesture; it’s often the personal touches that separate you from your competitors. A holiday card is always appreciated, but making it more personal by adding a hand-written note lets your customers know that they are more than just another name in your database.
Hand addressed greeting cards are a great way to show your clients that they are important to you.

The dos & don’ts

  • Choose a card that is unique along with a special stamp – stay away from generic boxed greetings.
  • Hand-write the address and if possible a short personal note – don’t print out labels.
  • Focus on the cheerful holiday/New Year season – religious content may not be for everyone.

Never send e-cards!