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Summer style at Work


Casual style in summer means a more relaxed, fun atmosphere at work in your workplace, whether it is an office or store. You want a look that’s still professional but in keeping with the sunshine, hot days and bright skies of summer.

  • Freshen up your office or store with colour, perhaps add some posters, fresh bunches of flowers, soft green tones, and bright chair cushions to brighten the look and feel.
  • Dress for the season, with colours instead of black, bright patterns, interesting summer jewelry, or depending on your business, a dashing hat or funky tie.
  • Offer iced tea or lemonade to visitors instead of hot drinks. Make sure you’ve got cold water on hand and perhaps a shady rest spot for pets.
  • Summer is a great time to connect with your customers in a more relaxed  way. Why not  wear some unique outfits or plan a summer themed event?