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Super Bowl Small Business

biztalklogoEveryone knew when the Super Bowl happened, even if they didn’t watch it. Now, that is a recession proof business!

This year, despite the “down-turn”, the adverting fees for the Super Bowl actually increased to US $3 million for a 30 second commercial. What can our Super Small Business in the Beaches (less than 20 employees) learn from this 43 year old party?

Upgrade your business to make it look and sound inviting!
Now is a good time to think and plan, so make the most of it. Think about how you can offer something new and trendy, as well as something tried and true.
Keep your name top-of-mind

Keep your name top-of-mind of your with customers even when they are not in a super-buying mode. They will remember you when the market recovers.

Consistently get your message out there
Consistently get your message out there during quieter times. This will pay off in a big way, as your fans are more likely to hear your message. And you’ll be ready to outperform others when the market recovers.

Add value to your service
If you cannot compete with price, add value to your service. Remember, your customer is not paying just to “get” your goods or service, they are paying for what the goods or services do for them.

Be creative and look for opportunities
There is something to uncover in any situation. Be creative and look for opportunities. When large businesses cut back, it means people are going to smaller companies for services. Even on Super Bowl Sunday, thousands of small, local businesses benefited by selling supplies and services.

Get in touch with your current customers
If you have an email list of your current customers, get in touch to tell them what’s new. Don’t spam them! A simple email newsletter can make a big impression.

For over five years, Beaches Living has provided complete services to local small businesses, services such as advertising, business cards, poster design and signage, websites, email newsletters, event photography, business videos and flyer distribution. If you have any marketing needs, we are your ONE STOP marketing solution.

Make your 2009 marketing create a Super Business impression!