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What’s Your Sign?

SignsThere’s an old saying that a business with no sign is a sign of no business.

Recent studies found that 40 percent of shoppers make quality assumptions about a business based on whether that business has a clear and attractive “identity sign”. And over half have failed to find a business because of an unclear or undersized “identity” sign.

In today’s competitive environment, “Open for Business” isn’t good enough. You need an identity sign that serves as a reflection of your brand beyond just the name of your company. It could be a banner, a back lit sign, letters on an awning or graphics on a window.

A business with a sign that’s damaged, faded, too small or partially hidden is also a bad sign!

Next time you have a few minutes to spare, go outside your building and use this handy checklist to check your sign:

  • Is your sign in good shape, large enough to be seen from a distance?
  • Does it have your brand colours?
  • Does it include your logo and/or tag line?
  • Does it make your business look Modern? Stylish?
  • Is it clear to realize what are you selling?
  • Does it entice someone to come in and talk with you?

Once you’ve got a great sign, then what?

Create a Buzz – When you create “a buzz” about your business, everyone starts talking about your services and products, and then spreads the word to all their friends and family. With today’s social media tools, a “buzz” can be created quickly through comments and photos that spread quicker than it takes to open the door!

Hold an event, and consider a fun display or something intriguing that attracts people to your store. Provide a discount or free gift for anyone who comes to the store and has their photos taken with the store manager (or store clerk). Again, watch the Facebook and Instagram posts soar!

One downtown store recently welcomed guests with an acrobat on stilts. Before the day was out, photos of the acrobat in front of the store name were being exchanged around the city even around the country!

Be specific! – Advertise in a way that speaks directly to your best customer, for example, “Favourite product for new mothers”, “Best gift for dad” or “Most Popular Toy for 6-year olds. Business owners want to attract everyone, but being specific is a great way of drawing in those who could become your most loyal customers. With a year of advertising, you can target a different customer group each month!

Make everyone welcome – In today’s world of technology, person-to-person is always the most powerful. Always welcome customers to your business and thank them for coming in. Give them a reason to come back, perhaps by telling them about a sale or event coming soon.

  • Offer water, coffee, even snacks on a weekend
  • Let them know if dogs are welcome
  • Provide a small play area for young children
  • Have a comfortable chair if a senior needs to sit down.