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What’s Your Story? Customers Want to Know!

WhatsStoryBubbleIn many cases, your business is about selling your story. Either personal or professional. How you started. Why you started. It connects you with your customers by letting them get to know you and your products.

The “story” of your business can be the most compelling reason why customers notice you and take interest in what you are selling. Don’t be afraid to tell them why you set up your business in the first place, what motivates you every day, who inspires you and what you love about the community.

Part of telling your story is giving people a better idea of who you are outside of your business life.

There are many ways to tell your story these days. Pick the ones available to you and don’t worry that the message isn’t formal or polished. Your story should be in your voice, authentic and honest. Here are some places to consider “telling your story”.

 Blogs and Articles:

  • A “letter” on a brochure that speaks directly to your customer
  • Your bio on a website or in a pamphlet
  • Share your favourite inspirational quote about business or life
  • A bulletin board in your store with photos of family celebrations and special events
  • Photos of you and other staff in your business, posted where customers can identify you and learn your names
  • Instagram and twitter updates about things that are important to you.
  • A display at your business that promotes a cause you support so others know what’s important to you
  • When introducing yourself, don’t be afraid to talk about topics other than business