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When Customers are Top of Your Mind, You Become Top in Their Minds

Keeping in touch with your customers is key to building trust and loyalty – and a loyal customer is the most valuable asset to your business. There is no better time than this holiday season, to let your customers know that they are on top of your mind. “Top of mind” goes both ways between you and your customers.

We live in a very busy society with literally thousands of sales and marketing messages directed at us each day – some sources say well over 3,000 daily when you consider every logo, tag line, ad, message. When someone needs your product and service, they think of you first, you need to be “Top of their Minds”. This holiday season let your customers know that they are top of your mind too.

There are many simple ways to keep customers top of mind, here are just a few:

Remember, keeping Top of Mind means always putting your customers first. Find ways to keep in regular contact, even when they are not buying from you:

  • Emails, phone calls, hand written notes, even invites to a special event or celebration.

Thank you notes and holiday cards:

  • A simple holiday card using their name and signed by you demonstrates appreciation because you’ve taken the time to remember them.
  • Thank you cards when a customer refers you to another business are also very important for letting them know that you truly value what they’ve done for you.

Put a system in place so you don’t delay your correspondence just because you’re busy:

  • Customer relations management software.
  • Keep track of names and addresses in a simple com-puter spreadsheet. Also, include other information, such as birthdays, or when you last talked with them.

Finally, be sincere about keeping them top of mind. Use their name, and remember a detail that reminds them that you truly know who they are such as their favourite colour, if they have a dog, are they a sports fan, etc.