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When was the last time you took a real vacation?


Vacation, vacation, vacation, by definition: Leisure time, away from work, devoted to rest or pleasure.

Whether you work for someone or have your own business, many worry that something is going to happen while they’re away and that without them there  the business would collapse. Are we really so indispensable?

The magical thing is, without you, the chaos at work will take care of itself most of the time and by someone else.

So, for all of us watching another summer come to an end, make the most of this year’s summer vacation:

  1. Be unreachable during your vacation.
  2. Don’t check your work emails, or put them aside and deal with them after your vacation.
  3. Don’t call in for messages.
  4. Fill your vacation with activities from your personal interests. If you are planning a family vacation, make sure you include the whole family and not just the kids… don’t forget about yourselves.

By the time your vacation is drawing to an end you won’t want it to. You’ll discover – once again – the power of relaxing and the importance of taking time to rest and be away.