Past Issues:

Workplace Renovations



The average adult spends roughly 30% of their life working, preparing for work or thinking about work. During the summertime, why not make  the experience a bit more pleasant for you and your employees? Studies show that a tidy, attractive workplace is more productive. Clutter can seriously interfere with getting things done, and poor lighting reduces the speed at which people read and communicate.

Beaches|life was inspired by two local businesses in the Beaches, Envy Eyewear Boutique and Salon Fotali, which recently completed stunning renovations. You may not be able to do a total makeover, but a few small touches can make a big difference!

  • Too much clutter? Maybe it’s time to recycle and toss some of those older papers and books.
  • A dreary workplace can lower the spirits of staff . Ensure that your workplace is well decorated and vibrant. A few framed pieces of art or photographs can make a huge difference.
  • Paint a bit tired? A fresh coat of paint does wonders to brighten a space and change perspective.
  • Some colors are thought to promote different responses. For example, yellow breeds creativity, red boosts sales, blues and greens provide serenity and orange is social.
  • During the summer months, consider making your workplace more “summer friendly”: fresh flowers, bright coloured cushions.

Photo: Envy Eyewear Boutique’s recent transformation which incorporates blue agate illuminated with LED lights.