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An Eclectic Approach to Home Décor Alf’s Antiques & Handcrafted Furniture

For almost three decades, Alf’s Antiques and Handcrafted Furniture, a family business has been known in Toronto for its beautiful furniture. The store’s selection of antique furniture, hutches and sideboards from Europe, the United Kingdom and Canada, and its Ontario handcrafted furniture, provides an eclectic approach to any home décor. One of the most popular items over the years is their hand made Harvest Table with reclaimed woods, it’s one of Alfred’s specialties. The Harvest Table is once again trendy as baby boomers and young people alike look to decorate their homes or condominiums with an artistic touch, or businesses make a statement by selecting a Harvest Table for their boardroom.

“The table is a special place where your loved ones gather,” explains wife Michelle, who designs furniture and has managed Alf’s Antiques since it first opened in 1989. “The table is the soul of your home.”

The tables that Alfred builds are handcrafted from reclaimed or “vintage wood” that has been removed from older homes, such as floor boards, joists, etc. It’s all part of Alfred’s passion for saving trees in order to contribute to the environment. Building furniture from reclaimed wood also means that each piece is unique, with its own colour, patina and character.

Michelle adds that the home is also “where heart and art meet”, emphasizing the importance of picking the right piece of furniture because a beautiful table, sideboard, etc. is the same as a piece of beautiful art.

“Use antiques as an accent in any room,” she recommends, “The new approach to decorating is don’t clutter and don’t try to match everything together.” An original piece of furniture should stand out on its own.

When you visit the store, bring in photographs of your space and measurements, Michelle can assist in choosing the right pieces to fit your space and décor. Once you’ve picked out a table, you can also find the perfect chairs and have them custom stained to match.

There are many styles of chairs available, all made with a well-designed frame and hardwood, two keys to a strong and lasting chair. All the furniture from reclaimed wood stand up to the dry heat of central heated rooms – an art that took Alfred several years to perfect.

Consignment pieces are also welcome but e-mail your photo(s) to first to Michelle’s attention (make sure to include your phone number and your postal code). This could be the perfect solution to an antique piece of furniture that doesn’t fit your space any longer.

In 2011, Alf’s Antiques relocated from King Street East to a bright, sunny 5,000 sqf. showroom at 29 Bermondsey Road where there is more space and lots of free parking.

Alf’s Antiques & Handcrafted Furniture
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