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Anything that can go right, does go right – Murphy’s Law Pub



It looks like a bank, it even has a vault inside because it once was a bank but for the past two decades the large, formal-looking, yellow brick building commanding the corner of Queen East and Woodbine has been for eating and enjoyment – not banking.

Named “Murphy’s Law” in honour of the adage, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” (known as Murphy’s Law), everything seems to have gone right with this Irish Pub.

General Manager, Brian Foss, has spent the last 25 years working in the pub business and knows the ingredients for a successful one. After studying food and beverage management and hospitality at George Brown College and Ryerson University, he decided to focus on the “informal” dining experience.

“Now I get paid for throwing a party every night,” he says. Although located inside a historic bank building, Murphy’s Law is definitely a place for fun and unwinding.

“The atmosphere is not strict or stuffy like you sometimes get with fine dinning. People come to a pub for a good time. And if they come sad, we’ll turn it around for them!”

Particular in a community, there is so much camaraderie at a local pub, with many regulars who make it their favourite spot to gather. Brian even alters the menu to suit the community, removing more robust items during the summer to accommodate the many health and fitness conscious customers who prefer a lighter menu.

Brian and his team also give back to the community, supporting many local causes in addition to the Out of the Cold program.

There’s lots of space on the three floors,  a busy bar and tables where you can gather if you like to be surrounded by lots of people, quiet, secluded booths, small nooks for a more intimate gathering, even separate rooms. There also are 3 outdoor patios; the one on the rooftop offering a spectacular view of the lake.

This is not a pub that’s only Irish by name. Even visitors from Ireland admit that it feels like home with the dark wood, posters on the wall and of course, the selection of Irish beer (Guinness, Harp Lager, Kilkenny Cream Ale) as well as Magners Irish Cider.

A definite “hit” on the weekends is the Caesar bar. For $4, you are provided with Clamato juice, ice and vodka; and then have your choice of over 40 additional ingredients/toppings. “You can add various proteins”, explains pub manager Brian, “As well as garnishes, like olives, herbs, various spices, veggies, etc.”

Chef Jason Wise also is no stranger to the food business. He trained as a chef at a prestigious culinary arts school in North Carolina, then worked in the US south 15 years before returning to Canada. Jason is most proud of the pub’s fish and chips; made with Atlantic Haddock and the pub’s own Kilkenny batter. If you’re looking for an authentic Irish dish, try the Irish stew (made with real lamb).

“We offer a fun experience, with upbeat staff and everything freshly made on the premise,” says Brian, “ We’ll do our best to make sure you enjoy yourself.”

Murphy’s Law Irish Pub
1702 Queen St. E., 416-690-5516