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Beauty is More than Skin Deep!

FullSizeRenderEveryone wants beautiful, youthful skin. But it’s easy to forget that beauty and skin care go hand in hand. Your skin needs help retaining moisture, resisting the elements, and getting the nutrients it needs. It’s why Esther Avanesova, owner of Eauné Natural Skin Care Studio, has been successfully selling her products online for the past 5 years; and since May 2015, from her Beaches studio. As well Ester’s skin care products have been accepted at Toronto One of a Kind Show both Spring and Fall.

Esther literally spent days and nights formulating her creams and serums. It helps that she has a science background from McGill University because she understands the ingredients at a molecular level. But her love of skin care and beauty goes back much further than her days as a student.

“My mother was a musician,” she explains, “but she was also an expert on facials. I started helping her when I was a little girl.”

Esther came to Canada from Armenia in her 20’s, and set up her own business in 2011. She came up with the name “Eauné” (pronounced Oh-Nay) by combining the French word for water and for new birth. She’s always lived in the neighbourhood.

“I treat skincare like nutrition,” she says, “I use the very best ingredients in my products and your skin knows it!”

When Esther says “the best” she’s not exaggerating. At a time when there are no strict government regulations on what can be claimed on the label of a face cream, she can absolutely guarantee that her products are 100% natural and certified organic.  The products’ ingredients are described in detail on her website.

Today, Esther’s products sell online to customers across Canada, even sent as far away as a little town in Northern Saskatchewan where a customer loves her creams! Opening her studio a year ago in the Beaches, however, meant that she could provide onsite consultations at the same place where all the products are actually made.

Products include a total skin care line for facial, hand and body. All the creams are designed to address the four aspects of skin aging prevention: skin hydration, regeneration, antioxidant protection, and deep organic nourishment. She sources ingredients locally, where possible. There are no artificial fragrances used. Scents are from organic essential oils in combinations that appeal to men and women alike: ginger/lime, orange/spearmint, and the very popular, earl grey (bergamot).

Her products also include organic soaps, and Dead See bath salts, known for their mineral rich properties in addressing muscle aches. Esther hopes in the future to expand into cosmetics. In fact, the launch of her new line of baby lotions is planned for this fall.
“Our most popular items are our day cream, cleanser and toner,” she says, “One of my customers in her eighties loves our soap and day cream…. and she brings in all her friends.”

Eauné Natural Skin Care Studio
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