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Exercising Body, Breath and Mind – YOGAthletix


YogaIf you think you can’t do fitness because you’re too stiff or have no strength, that’s why you need to do it, explains YOGAthletix co-owner Guylaine ‘Glenn’ Julien. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga, yoga will improve your flexibility.


Glenn should know, after 25 years as a dancer, choreographer, certified fitness instructor, Hatha and Moksha registered yoga teacher and official trainer of the Toronto Argos Cheerleaders.


In early 2013, with Jamie Hoffeldt, a kinesiology, sports management and dance graduate, they opened YOGAthletix on Queen Street.


The studio is a welcoming space, full of natural light and  the reception area hosts a gallery for local artists.


YOGAthletix offers classes for both women and men of all ages. Newcomers together with the teachers select the ideal class, based on fitness interests and personal goals.


“As much as we’re about group fitness and yoga, we cater to the individual,” says Glenn.


Yoga is distinct from other forms of exercise due to “breath and awareness,” relates Glenn. “You’re more aware of your posture and how you’re doing a movement in yoga.” In addition to improving health, the increased flexibility and strength gained from yoga helps prevent injuries. “Yoga is ‘pre-hab’!”


Where YOGAthletix is a place for men and women to get fit, the T.O. Dance Co. caters to kids. This recent endeavour offers jazz and hip-hop dance, acrobatics, and musical theatre. Weekday programs are currently available and weekend classes will be added this fall.


The YOGAthletix philosophy, “everything in balance,” includes engaging with the community, providing workshops and special events for clients, most of whom are local. “We might invite a chiropractor or nutritionist, have a pre-natal workshop…” They’ve hosted musicians and helped local charities, doing fundraisers and offering space for events.


Glenn sums up, “we’re passionate about what we do.” The programs are carefully designed to be non-intimidating and accessible to all. “People feel comfortable here. They get results.”


by Kevin Davies


911 Queen St. E, Suite 201