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From Tires to Pianos: Getting Real About Storage

RealStorageStaffA month before Real Storage had opened the door for the first day of business, the facility manager knew the business would be a big success. “I was literally wearing a hard hat, steel toed boots and a safety vest, walking around the construction site,” recalls Ferris Mohammed, “and people walking by the street kept asking if they could rent a space yet!”

Two years later, Ferris is still as passionate and enthused about the service Real Storage provides. “We literally store everything, from someone’s winter tires to motorcycles to baby grand pianos,” he says.

A unique aspect of the Real Storage facility in Toronto is its “drive-through” – a 265 foot long interior “road” that takes clients directly into the building for safe and easy loading and unloading. You can literally come any time, 24/7, and know that the area is secure, well lit, and under constant electronic surveillance. “We even play music so it doesn’t feel too quiet,” adds Ferris, “and there are absolutely no dark corners.”

The facility has 1,000 units, located on 4 floors, with two large freight elevators. Storage units range from 5 by 5 feet to 10 by 30 feet. Ceiling heights are 8 feet, so customers are encouraged to stack to make the most efficient use of the space. The building is also totally climate controlled, a key feature for many users. “We have quite a few people who store musical instruments here, electronic recording equipment and electronics,” says Ferris.

Every unit is locked with its own keypad. If there is any interference with the units, an alarm sounds immediately at the office.

“It’s total peace of mind,” says Ferris, “which is what our customers want.” In addition, Real Storage offers a free moving van to their customers and all moving supplies. It is in their believe to make storage real easy.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, the Real Storage Group owns 30 facilities across Canada including many in Ontario. David Demchuk is one of 3 partners that set up the business in 2008, based on a vision to build a brand that offered state-of-the-art security features to ensure that stored belongings are safe and secure. David is a regular visitor at the Beaches facility and strongly believes in supporting the local community. In the last two years, Real Storage has taken part in the Beaches LIGHTSOUT! event on international Earth Hour in March. This spring, Ferris and his team supported the Scouts Canada ‘Electronic Waste Recycling Fundraiser’ in recognition of Earth Day.

The self storage industry continues to grow in cities like Toronto, where storage is in short supply for individuals and businesses. Customers may be real estate agents and stagers, a company or family going through a major renovation, smaller companies that need to store inventory, or someone facing a change in life status. “Our customers come from all walks of life,” notes Ferris, “we offer everyone convenience and security. They literally walk in, drive in, bike in, or rollerblade in!”

Real Storage – Toronto Beaches
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