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Keeping A Good Roof Overhead – Beaches resident is a long-time roofing specialist

TorontoRoofingPicToronto’s extreme weather – some of the hottest summers and the coldest winters on record – play havoc with the roofs on our houses and buildings. But with the right materials, workmanship and installation, a good roof should last 25 years. What makes the difference? According to Tim Mulroy, President of Toronto Roofing Industries (TRI), it’s all about choosing wisely.

“I’m most proud of the fact that we always stand behind our work,” says Tim. “This means that when we see a customer after a job is complete, I don’t have to duck around a corner!”

Born in Newcastle in Northern England, Tim has lived in the Beaches 25 years with his wife Carole, office manager for the company. The business was set up in 2004; but Tim has been in the industry all his adult life. While studying in Montreal, Tim was aiming to enroll in architecture at McGill University.  A motorcycle accident forced him to leave school and return to Ontario for rehab. Tim got into the business after taking on some work in roofing. He stayed in the industry and today is proud of the reputation he’s built in an industry where consumers need a responsible choice. TRI recently moved to a new facility on Cherry Street, where they are enjoying their new neighbours in The Port Lands.
TRI does roofs of all sizes (flat and shingle, cedar, slate, copper, custom metal) for homeowners and commercial properties. Services also include roof repairs, siding, eaves troughs, masonry and skylights. Eaves troughs are installed on site. The pre-painted aluminum is made into seamless troughs, and then properly sloped for proper draining. With today’s concerns about mosquitoes, drainage is so important. Tim also reminds homeowners about the mandatory disconnecting of downspouts, which they also do.
Another service area is skylights. TRI are certified installers with major brands, such as Velux. Tim notes that skylights have become very sophisticated these days, with systems that automatically detect rainfall and close on their own!

The company has about 30 regular workers when busy, and many have been with the company since the beginning, “They’re just awesome guys”, says Tim. Although the work tends to be seasonal, the office is always open. The company is the only one in Toronto that is a factory-certified GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractor. This means that a roof is covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee for 25 years, and the company is fully licensed, adequately insured, with professionally trained staff.

Photo: (from left) Office assistant Marissa, right-hand man and vice president Steven, Tim and wife Carole

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