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Keeping Water Out of Your Basement – Tips from the Drain Expert

DrainExpertThere’s nothing worse for a home or apartment owner than the experience of water in the basement. As our city water systems age, drain issues including messy sewage back-ups become all too common. For over 70 years, one Toronto family has been on the job, helping solve those drain problems. Now entering it’s third generation, the Drain Experts answer customer calls 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

“I keep my phone on my hip pocket,” says Wayne Russell, whose father founded the company in 1945 to serve the area where the family first lived at Victoria Park and Danforth. Son Wayne has now worked in the business 40 years, his son works in the business as well, and during the summer, even the grandsons are involved.

“Fixing drains is what I know,” says Wayne, “and over time, I’ve really got to enjoy meeting people and trying to make things better for them. When they call, they just want to get the problem fixed, and we know how to do that for them without having to spend more money than necessary.”

These days, Wayne and his Drain Experts team are busy installing back water valves on the pipes that come into homes from the city sewer system. By installing the valves, homeowners protect their basements from overflow issues. Currently, city grants are available to subsidize the cost.

As for suggestions for keeping your water drain healthy, Wayne advises, “Watch what you put down the drain. Paper towels don’t dissolve and can cause serious clogs, cooking grease also causes big problems—don’t pour it down the sink.” Another very common problem in the Beaches and older areas of the city are tree roots that make their way into clay pipes.

Your best defense is an electric snake camera inspection once a year. If roots have made their way into the clay pipes, it’s a lot easer (and cheaper) to remove them after a year then wait until they’ve become thicker and split the pipes open. By looking at the video, you can actually see what’s going on and know exactly what you’re paying for if there is a problem.
The Drain Experts offer all the services needed to  keep pipes in and out of your house in good shape (and water out of your basement!) A high pressure water jet, for example, can often solve the problem of pipes clogged with grease and small roots.

Wayne can advise on the city water valve subsidies and has a reliable supply of plumbers on hand. So well known is the business that almost all work comes from referrals in addition to business generated by his ads in Beaches Living!

“We can come to your house and do an estimate for free,” he says, “or a flat rate camera inspection for $40. It gives us both a chance to meet and see what needs to be done to solve your problem.”

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