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Making the Local Bank a Friendly Place

JayKalenMany may remember the movie Mary Poppins when the children, Jane and Michael Banks, visit a bank with Mary Poppins and their father in downtown London, England in order to see where their father works. With its tall columns, cold stone architecture, and the collection of older gentlemen inside, the bank was a very scary place for them!

These days, banks definitely are not scary places, according to Jay Tenorio, Financial, Investment and Retirement Planner for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Jay works at three branches in the Beaches area, and welcomes clients of all ages and financial means.  “Today,” he says, “banks are places where anyone can go with a question or choice to make related to financial matters, and someone like myself can help them by providing ideas and options.”

Born in the Philippines, Jay came to Canada when he was 6-years old. He figured he was destined for a career in banking at a young age. He liked math and always was known to be logical—two good skills for financial planning in particular. “I’ve found the right fit for me,” he says, “it’s a great way to make a living and I get so much out of helping others.” He loves the variety in his work – no two weeks are the same, and there are always different challenges.

Today, Jay, his wife and two children, ages 3 and 6 are living in the Beaches. Although they started out downtown, they moved to the Beaches a few years ago because it is clearly a great place for raising a family. “It’s a real community here,” he says, “I meet clients when I’m out walking, which is so good. That’s the way is should be.”

Jay started at the Royal Bank of Canada while at university, where he worked as a teller. After he graduated, his mentor at the branch recommended that he gain experience in the financial world at various institutions outside of a bank. After getting his Certified Fincancil Planner certification, he then returned to RBC 6 years ago in the role of Financial Planner.

“We offer financial planning for the masses,” explains Jay, “It doesn’t matter if you are rich or not so rich, everyone needs to do financial planning.”

One wonders if banks are quiet places these days, with most people banking online on their computer or mobile device. But times are changing, and so are the banks, says Jay. The idea that the ATM would replace all banking services is no longer the case.

“RBC realizes that there’s always a need for a human element. There are many times when it is necessary to talk to someone in real life, especially when dealing with a major life issue like buying a house, or settling an estate.”

Most of Jay’s clients are mid-life or older adults who are planning for retirement or downsizing and wanting to ensure they have enough money to support them.  But Jay emphasizes that his clients cover all age groups, “I’m a big believer in financial literacy,” he says. “and this can start at any age.”

Jay Tenorio l RBC Financial Planner
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