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New Hope for Kids Struggling in School – Addressing Dyslexia

BeachesReadingClinicMonica Hough faced an unexpected challenge when she and her mother began to notice that her young daughter was struggling with letter recognition and reading. She had to wait 3 years to have her daughter tested and was formally diagnosed Dyslexia (difficulty with reading), Dysgraphia (difficulty in hand writing) and Dyscalculia (difficulty with calculations).

After researching and learning more about the subject, Monica learned that with early intervention, all three learning disabilities were treatable. So she hired a private tutor for Kailyn, trained in teaching the US-based Barton Reading & Spelling System.  Kailyn’s reading, writing and spelling began to improve, and with it, her confidence.

So impressed with the system and the benefit of taking matters into her own hands, Monica purchased the tutoring system in order to set up her own clinic. She’d been an elementary/secondary teacher with the Toronto District School Board for 17 years and knew that with her teaching experience she could make a difference not just in her own children’s lives but in the lives of others. She founded Beaches Reading Clinic to offer parents a service they simply couldn’t get within the regular school system.

After 2 years in business, Monica now has over 30 families being helped at the Beaches Reading Clinic.  She started the business in her own home, but last fall moved into a storefront location on Queen Street.

Services offered at the clinic include one-on-one tutoring for any child who requires extra help with schoolwork, but specifically, those with a Dyslexia diagnosis, a suspected Learning Disability, or other diagnosed or un-diagnosed disability.

They also offers a free assessment. “If the assessment shows dyslexia, parents can then choose to get a formal, written diagnosis.” She adds that this is valuable for those wishing to claim the cost of tutoring as a tax deduction.

There are various signs that Monica suggests parents to look for as their young children approach school age, as all three conditions are often seen together.  For example, in addition to problems with reading and writing, some children may not talk a lot, or have difficulty with fine motor skills like holding a pen, or they struggle with math.

Recently, Monica’s youngest daughter Kara was also diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and in addition she will require Speech & Language therapy.

“It’s been life changing for me being able to help my own daughters, and help others through our clinic,” says Monica. We’ve got 5 great teachers here, and the kids are great. We routinely hear from the parents that they “can’t wait to go to reading camp!”

Monica also provides services in Educational Consulting, Educational Advocacy and Teaching/Tutoring services in Literacy, ESL, French, Spanish, E.Q.A.O. Preparation, Diagnostic Assessment: Weschler Fundamentals Academic Skills.

For those with Dyscalculia (math impairment), the Reading Clinic also now offers the On Cloud Nine math.

Beaches Reading Clinic
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